Green roof care

Xero flor - trawniki i dachy zielone
pielegnacja zielonych dachów ekstensywnych

The extensive XERO FLOR green roof system is basically self-sufficient. The state of stress in plants, caused e.g. by the lack of water, is compensated by specially selected mechanisms. The use of products that ensure an appropriate level of water retention and slow down its outflow, has a positive effect on the proper vegetation of plants. On the one hand, the death of old plants, and on the other hand, the natural sowing and development of young plants take place in a closed system with continuous biological renewal and regeneration of plants. Therefore, no herbicides may be used. The introduction of other species to the entire plant system also causes damage to vegetation. The minimum care treatments include application of appropriate fertilizers, regular inspection and cleaning of roof drains.


During the growth phase, that is, immediately after planting the roof with extensive greenery, the whole should be watered so that the mats and the substrate absorb the maximum amount of water. Then, in the period of two to four weeks after laying, the entire surface should be watered every day. After the growth phase, the extensive roof does not usually require any watering, but during long-term drought it is recommended to flood the entire roof surface with water in order to achieve full water saturation.


When planting with extensive green, fertilization can be limited to spreading fertilizer in spring
and autumn. A long-acting organic fertilizer (multi-component NPK fertilizers) should be applied. The amount of fertilizer spread should be from 5 to 30 g/m2 depending on the type of fertilizer.

Inspection of drainage systems

Depressions on the roof and areas directly at the roof drains are critical points with increased water accumulation. Due to the increased susceptibility to the development of unwanted vegetation, these places should be particularly carefully inspected, while weeds and plants growing around these places must be unconditionally removed.