Xero flor - trawniki i dachy zielone


Traditional artistic roof gardens are a form of a green roof. Their significant disadvantage, however, is the fact that they can only be used on stable roofs. In addition, they are expensive and require constant care. Xero Flor, as an experienced manufacturer of green roof systems, offers a different solution: extensive greening.

Xero Flor green roof systems allow for extremely effective and durable green covering of any type of roof. They can also be used to cover very light roof structures and steep roofs. The Xero Flor system offered is not the only system for planting green roofs, but many years of research and testing them in practice have proven that it is a perfect combination of aesthetics and ecology with economic and technical benefits. The patented solutions of the Xero Flor extensive greening system are a very quick and simple way to create a green roof.

Systemy dachów zielonych
elementy systemu dachów zielonych

Elements of the green roof system

The Xero Flor green roof system is based on three basic layers necessary for the proper functioning of a green roof. These are: a drainage and filtration layer, a vegetation and storage layer and a plant layer.