LEED, BREEAM certification
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LEED and BREEAM certificates

For over 25 years we have been providing products for sustainable construction in the field of extensive green roofs. Ecology in construction is our mission and to confirm it, we have decided to create for our environmentally-friendly products: vegetation mat / sedum and hygroscopic rock wool, documentation in the form of an Eco card, which is useful in obtaining LEED, BREEAM, DGNB certificates.

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Due to the growing segment of certified buildings, the demand for materials, that meet the certification requirements of the above systems, is increasing.

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) CERTIFICATE is currently one of the most applied methods of assessing buildings in terms of their environmental performance in Europe.

LEED CERTIFICATE i.e. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was created in the United States. It is currently one of the most widely applied multi-criteria building assessment systems in the world. Certification is carried out in 120 countries and covers all types of buildings - from commercial to residential ones.

More information about certification systems is available in our eco cards.

An eco card is a documentation created for each product separately based on the tools available around the world to assess the impact of a product on the environment, human and the environment.

Our products have been tested for use in the BREEAM and LEED certification processes.

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