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A beautiful lawn is the dream of every garden owner. However, founding a lawn is not as simple as it may seem - it requires proper preparation of the substrate, choosing the best period to sow the grass, and then taking care of its proper growth. Roll out grass, which - although more expensive than seeds - allows you to found a green, healthy and neat lawn in an easy and quick way and is more and more often becoming an alternative to traditional sowing of grass.


The XERO FLOR company is a renowned manufacturer of roll out lawns. For their production, we use special mixtures of high-quality seeds, thanks to which our turf is covered with strong, dense blades of grass, resistant to diseases and extreme weather conditions. We offer roll out lawns in wholesale and retail quantities. We sell varieties for both extensive and intensive use in gardens, parks and sports fields. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the expectations of our customers with different needs and preferences.

Trawniki rolowane
We kindly encourage you to use the XERO FLOR services. Our headquarters is located in the Lubusz Voivodeship, from where we can serve customers from all over Poland. If you have any questions about our offer, please contact our Customer Service by phone or e-mail. We will be glad to advise you in choosing the solution that best meets your expectations.
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Zalety trawników z rolki


Roll out lawns have many advantages that are characteristic for traditional lawns. Green, well-kept, healthy-looking grass significantly increases the aesthetic qualities of a garden or lawn. The lawn pleases the eye and soothes, it also allows for outdoor recreation. One should also not forget about the invisible functions of the lawn. Grass absorbs from the air harmful dust and gases, including carbon dioxide  and transforms it into life-giving oxygen. It also reduces noise and regulates the microclimate through transpiration from the leaves.

There are also many advantages of roll out lawns over grass sown in the traditional way:

  • IMMEDIATE EFFECT – immediately after laying, the roll out grass gives a visible effect of a neat green garden. If you decide to sow grass on your own, you need to wait at least a few weeks for the effects. It is worth noting, however, that the rooting of grass in a roll takes about 2 - 3 weeks and during this period it is not allowed to mow or use the lawn
  • EASY LAWN LAYOUT – despite appearances, a roll out lawn can be successfully laid on its own. Laying the grass is preceded by proper preparation of the ground. The grass rolls are of the same size, and when laying them, they should be offset by half in relation to each other to prevent forming gaps. Then press the turf with a compactor, roll and water it
  • POSSIBILITY OF LAYING THE ROLLS ON SLOPING AREAS – if we decide for a traditional sowing of grass on slopes or sloping areas, the seeds may flow down with rain or while watering. In the case of roll out grass, this problem does not occur at all
  • LESS SENSITIVITY TO DISEASES AND WEATHER CONDITIONS – thanks to the selection of grass varieties  appropriate for the climatic conditions in a given country, roll out grass is more resistant to diseases and changing weather conditions
  • POSSIBILITY OF LAYING A LAWN DURING THE WHOLE VEGETATION SEASON – a roll out lawn can be laid even in November, because roll out grass does not need much time to root

The second group consists of advantages that are visible to everyone - visible advantages:

  • increasing the aesthetic values of the garden. Lawns are one of the most important elements of the garden,
  • possibility of practicing many different types of sport,
  • preventing soil erosion on the sloping area
  • aesthetic value, having a beneficial effect on the human mind and soul.

Green lawn
all year round

For many years, XERO FLOR has been one of the most important manufacturers of roll out grass and green roof systems in the market. Ready-made roll out lawns are a perfect solution for everyone who does not plan to spend a long time sowing a lawn by themselves. Our offer is all the more attractive because from the enormous wealth of grass species available in the Polish market, we select those species that adapt well to the climate in our country. We sow, take care of and mow them until a beautiful, dense, green and weed-free lawn is created. Thanks to the use of different varieties and species of grass, the grown turf is characterized by high resistance to diseases and various climatic conditions. The roll out lawns offered by us can grow without any problems in various regions of Poland, they require appropriate soil conditions, cultivation and care. They are perfect for both warm southern and northern climates. Their most important advantage, however, is that our roll out grass can be laid from early spring to late autumn!

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