Technical specifications for XERO FLOR roll out lawns

Xero flor - trawniki i dachy zielone

Xero Flor, as an experienced manufacturer of high-quality roll out lawns, offers a universal roll out lawn and a lawn for difficult and degraded areas.

XF 402 Universal roll out lawn

Universal sports turf with a wide range of applications. Simple and easy to maintain.
For sports fields, for gardens. For intensive use.

XF 403 lawn for difficult and degraded areas

Roll out lawn with a wide range of applications to cover with turf and strengthen, and to protect against erosion of roadside embankments, scarps, to recultivate post-mining heaps, dumps.

The parameters of one lawn roll, i.e. 1 m2, regardless of the type, are presented in the table below.

2,5 m 0,4 m 15-20 kg 40 m2 / pallet
8 x 1.1 m
uniwersalny trawnik rolowany