About Xero Flor
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About Xero Flor

XERO FLOR is one of the largest manufacturers of roll out lawns and green roofs in Poland. Our company was founded on a passion for greenery. We have been with you since 1996 and from the very beginning of our activity we have been trying to do everything to bring greenery to usually gray and boring urban agglomerations. Our products allow to place vegetation not only on the ground, but also on roofs. As a manufacturer trying to offer its customers the highest quality products at the most attractive price, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and introducing new, more efficient and more effective than the existing ones, solutions to our catalog. Our offer is addressed to individual customers and various types of public and private institutions, such as schools, housing communities or sports clubs. We sell wholesale and retail. We strive to meet the quantitative requirements of all our customers.

Informacje o firmie Xero Flor
Xero flor - zielone dachy
Knowledge and experience

For many years of the business, thanks to the efforts of our qualified staff, Xero Flor products have become more and more known and recognized in the Polish market. Our annual participation in numerous exhibitions results in improved sales and an increasing interest in our products. The attractiveness of the offer, and above all the quality of Xero Flor products, convinced many, not only Polish but also foreign companies to expand our cooperation. At present, we are constantly cooperating with many entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia.

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