Functions of lawns can be divided into two groups:

The first group includes hidden functions which cannot be seen with the naked eye:

  • noise suppression,
  • absorbing dust from the air (1 m2 of the lawn can absorb approx. 40 kg of dust per year),
  • binding toxic gases,
  • humidifying the air by evaporating water from leaves, consequently it also positively affects microclimatic regulation of temperature, temperature conditions,
  • oxygen circulation (100 m2 of the lawn produces enough oxygen for the needs of 10 people in a one year period),

The second group includes attributes which can be seen by everyone – visible attributes:

  • increasing aesthetic attributes of gardens as lawns constitute one of the most important elements of gardens,
  • the possibility to engage in various kinds of sports,
  • preventing soil erosion on steep terrain,
  • the aesthetic function which beneficially affects the human mind and soul.
trawniki rolowane
trawa z rolki


For many years Xero Flor has been one of the most important manufacturers of roll out grass and green roof systems on the market. The headquarters of our company is situated in the Lubusz Voivodeship, however we provide services to customers throughout Poland. Ready roll out lawns constitute an ideal solution for everyone who does not plan on committing a lot of time to sowing a lawn on their own. Our offer is all the more attractive because among a huge variety of grass species available on the Polish market not all species adjust to the climate of our country. We select various grass species, sow them, nurture them, water them, fertilize them for more than 18 months until a beautiful, thick, green lawn free from weeds is created. Thanks to the use of various species of grass, our lawns are characterized by a high resistance to diseases and durability despite various weather conditions. The roll out lawns we offer can be rolled out in various regions of Poland, they do not require any special soil conditions, cultivation or care, and they also work perfectly in a warmer southern climate as well as in a northern climate. However, their most important attribute is the fact that roll out lawns can be installed all year round!

For us quality is the most important thing.
We have been developing together for more than 20 years.