We encourage you to view sample technical solutions of green roof systems implemented by our companypresented below. Xero Flor is an experienced manufacturer of green roofs and roll out lawns. We cooperate with numerous customers in the Lubusz Voivodeship as well as throughout Poland.

Should you have any questions concerning our offer of roll out lawns and green roof systems, do not hesitate to call us or visit us at our company’sheadquarters in Leszno Dolne.

Example 1

Max. weightInclineThicknessLayersVegetation
35-40 kg/m21-15o3,5 cm1) XF 300
2) XF 156
mosses, sedum
zielone dachy
rozwiązania techniczne w zielonych dachach

Example 2

Max. weightInclineThicknessLayersVegetation
50 kg/m20 – 10o3/5 cm1) XF 317
2) XF 107
3) XF 122 roof inclination< 2o,
XF 108/XF109+XF122/XF152
roof inclination > 2o
mosses, sedum, herbs
systemy zielonych dachów
zielony dach

Example 3

Max. weightInclineThicknessLayersVegetation
110 kg/m2>2o3,5 cm1) XF 317
2) XF 200 (5 cm)
3) XF 122/XF 125
mosses, sedum, herbs
zielone dachy Xero Flor
trawnik na dachu

Example 4

Max. weightInclineThicknessLayersVegetation
150 kg/m20-2o3,5 cm1) XF 317
2) XF 200 (8 cm)
3) XF 108/XF 109 + XF122/XF 152
mosses, sedum, herbs
roślinność na dachu
trawa na dachu
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